Sunday, November 28, 2010

SACRED REICH the american way (1990)

Sacred Reich, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona.

Sacred Reich brings little to the Sacred table of Thrash Metal, and so I hesitate to call their 'Reich' 'Sacred'. These bozos were trippin' if they thought their slow mo metallic noise would ever truly represent such a sweet name. Sub par vocals, nothing classic or fun. They chug away like the rest, and you can't remember a damn thing about it. Hey, though, why not? I kind of imagine that if I had been delivering pizzas in 1990 I would have wanted all the Thrash tapes I could get my mits on.

Artwork. Look at the picture. See it yet? Look again. See it? Yeah. You see, the Statue of Liberty has been eroded by toxic fumes which have made Manhattan, or perhaps all of the North American continent, inhabitable only by skeletons. I'd say that's a good representation, metaphorically, for The American Way. This was right after the Ghostbusters Nintendo-controllered the ol' babe to her most metal moment, so they wanted a little of that triumphant action.