Sunday, October 17, 2010

I.N.C. razorback (1987)

I.N.C. (Indestructible Noise Command), hailing from Fairfield, Connecticut.

I'll never go to THAT hospital again. They'll let ANYBODY be a Doctor these days. This particular example of The Sacred Thrash is moderate at best. The recording is pretty poor and the vocals sound like a test track, and the emergency room sounds DELICIOUS and the songs are written sloppily and performed even sloppier. I think that the allegory of the Corporation (I.N.C.?) wheeling you around a hospital as a crazed, I'm thinking amphibian? mutant orderly is pretty far-fetched. I mean, when has that ever happened? I don't get what they're trying to say. Also, hey guys, at least get, like, an 8th-grader to draw some kind of insignia or emblem, instead of that cheap, regular old one; Whiplash did it. To sum up, I don't think they had the budget. But they did have the RAZORBACK!


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