Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DEVASTATION idolatry (1991)

Devastation, hailing from Corpus Christi, Texas.

Here is a clear example of a band from the scene Pantera punched their way into our hearts from. Devastation's last album knocks it down with a sheer wall of destroying, relentlessly pounding Thrash of the righteously Sacred kind, my friends. Many bands got that part right, only to carelessly allow their vocalist to flail around in a wacky, hilarious dance of mediocrity, but Devastation did not; this is where that real Texas feeling kicks you. This singer is raspy and punishing and always perfectly anthemic, a truly southern kind of Thrash approach. "Texas Always Moves 'Em" is right.

Artwork. Classic chaotic emblem just right for t-shirts, runic representations of every religion ever, all brought together by a particularly handsome cranius, blindfolded for our pleasure. I can't make fun of it, and you can't beat it.


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