Friday, November 18, 2011

YULE 'Harkening Of The Feast Zealot's Grim Jubilation'

Yule's latest unleashment of Christmas-obsessed technical death metal obliterates the field with brutal, nativitous cacophony. Lead guitarist and chief composer Yars Wlannfssonnb's ultimate achievement on this chaotically cyclopean, quite marvelous record is the sheer madness of "Incantation For Wassailinge Bedecked In Gilded Ornamenture", an incomprehensibly terrorizing, jolly wallop of undefiled, rapturous giftcropsy; at ten minutes and forty seconds, it stands as the longest Christmastide epic yet crafted by the self-proclaimed "Dark Elves Of The Workshop". The third track, "On Summoning The Engulfment Of The Ceremonial Log With Infernal Exuberance" opens with the cryptic, tender plucking of what inhumanly sounds like a harp, albeit a version of the instrument from a monsterously banished age, twisting immediately into such face-melting, crushing Christmas mayhem one would think that herald angels were screaming (instead of singing). Coming four torturous years after "Hill Of The Presents", their last gruesome, merry opus of Xmas morn, Yule have indeed given the greatest gift of all this year.

Track listing:

1. Frankincense, Gold, Myrrh
2. Decketh Thy Halls
3. On Summoning The Engulfment Of The Ceremonial Log With Infernal Exuberance
4. Twinkling Beatitude Of The Lodestar
5. Chucklement From Thae North
6. Evergreen Coniferous Aeternvs
7. Sinterklaas
8. Incantation For Wassailinge Bedecked In Gilded Ornamenture
9. Tremours In Campanological Syzygy
10. Sleigh

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