Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ASPID krovoizliianie (1992)

Aspid, hailing from... Russia.

The Sacred Thrash gets the cyrillic treatment on this rare, rare album from old country. You can only find it anywhere as "Extravasation", but the real name is Krovoizliianie. The songs here are meticulously written, unraveling in similar fashion to your average sprawling golden-era Metallica composition, but without such righteous riff moments as anything they ever accomplished. Some of the parts clash awkwardly with other sections, which provides for some real surprising moments if you happen to be casually listening. The vocals are pretty vile and sweet, and once in a while out of nowhere they pull of some new age keyboards and then cut them right off. A fascinating addition.

Artwork. That's right. You're looking at a vast metropolis ruptured from the depths by a fiery serpent demi-god waiting beneath the core of the venomous Earth, spewing fire and death galore. Is galore the best word to use there? I don't know, but I think if their lyrics (all in Russian) are about that city and what happened to it after that thing showed up, it'd be pretty awesome.


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