Sunday, September 26, 2010

ATROPHY violent by nature (1990)

Atrophy, hailing from Tucson, Arizona.

Here, an unusually non-brutal setting, the sandbox, serves as a chilling terrorscape for the brain-washing of children into ruthless, possibly occult-obsessed, ubermilitant, goalie mask toting burier/killers by a bitter, elder God. Atrophy's logo and artwork choice says, in so many words, humans are children who bury people before playing with our tanks, and that's life. The album is really very good, a perfect example of The Sacred Thrash when the arena was tragically too crowded to last. It is aggressive and well-produced, laden with righteous, strangely memorable solos, and the vocals are Exodus style with a smattering of Testament singability in just the right places. Can you say that about your own life? Well. At least Atrophy can say it about their second, and last, album.

SONG TITLE HIGHLIGHTS: "Puppies and Friends"


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