Tuesday, September 28, 2010

THE GREAT KAT worship me or die (1987)

The Great Kat (Katherine Thomas), hailing from New York, New York.

I'm just going to rip something from another site for a second:

"The Great Kat burst onto the scene in the mid-eighties, a ball of energy, scantily clad and mugging for the camera at every opportunity while loudly proclaiming to one and all that she was the fastest guitarist of all time. Truth be told -- while her image makes it hard to take her all that seriously, the fact of the matter is that she's an incredible guitar player, apparently a graduate of the Julliard School where she played violin (which she still does). Two full-length albums were released in the late eighties, basically speed metal with her hyperactive classical guitar work front and center. Eventually the novelty seemed to wear off, in that she more or less faded from world-wide view, but in fact she's still at it to this day, image and attitude fully intact."

This album is sort of terrible, but it's not all novelty. The Sacred Thrash is shredded to the end of the universe on this thing. I like that she is snarling? Is she going to bite the guitar? That's pretty brutale?

SONG TITLE HIGHLIGHTS: "Satan Goes to Church", "Kill the Mothers", "Satan Says"


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