Sunday, September 26, 2010

WHIPLASH power and pain (1985)

Whiplash, hailing from Passaic, New Jersey.

A classic cover. You've got grotesque bald muscle men, gigantic cyborg skull-grips, raging airborne electricity, lacerating screams, EVERYTHING. The summation of both Power, and Pain. Whiplash's logo is just as classic. While most metal logos are painstakingly thought out and drawn with great skill, having to reach a sublimely elite level of disgusting, aeon-reaching brutality, The Sacred Thrash has in classical times been the true slacker. The idea was to draw that shit up, throw on some Umbro shorts, and let's get to work. The Thrash speaks for the band, not the logo. Whiplash's Thrash is in every sense a true Thrash sound, a tribute to the early days when Kill'em All was the very pinnacle of achievement, and it is done more than well. A sick example of The Sacred Thrash.


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